Svalbard Pyrenomycetes. An annotated checklist

Authors: Holm, Lennart & Holm, Kerstin
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 34 (1994), Issue 2, pages 65-78.
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Key words: ascomycetes, checklist, Norway, pyrenomycetes, Svalbard

Abstract:  The list comprises 135 species, six of which are only referred to genus as possibly representing undescribed taxa. Twenty-three species are new to Svalbard. Several species, previously reported from the area but probably or surely in error, are listed in an appendix. Two new combinations are published, viz. Phaeosphaeria weberi (Oudem.) L. & K.Holm and Wettsteinina distincta (P. Karst.) L. & K.Holm.