Taxonomic notes on the polypore genera Antrodiella, Daedaleopsis, Fibuloporia and Phellinus

Authors: Niemelä, Tuomo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 22 (1982), Issue 1, pages 11-12.
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Abstract:  The following new nomenclatural combinations for polyporaceous fungi are proposed: Antrodiella hoehnelii (Bres. ex Hohn.) Niemelä (Polyporus hoehnelii Bres.), A. onychoides (Egeland) Niemelä (Polyporus onychoides Egel.), A. romellii (Donk) Niemelä (Poria romellii Donk), Daedaleopsis septentrionalis (Karst.) Niemelä Lenzites septentrionalis Karst.), Fibuloporia mucida (Pers.: Fr.) Niemelä (Poria mucida Pers. = Fibuloporia donkii Domanski) and Phellinus tuberculosus (Baumg.) Niemelä (Boletus tuberculosus Baumg. = Phellinus pomaceus (Pers.) Maire). The backgrounds of these combinations are briefly discussed.