Taxonomy of the Oligoporus hibernicus complex (Basidiomycota), with the new species O. parvus

Authors: Renvall, Pertti
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 45 (2005), Issue 2, pages 91-102.
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Key words: Aphyllophorales, Oligoporus, polyporaceous fungi, Postia hibernica, taxonomy

Abstract: The taxonomy of the Oligoporus hibernicus (Berk. & Broome) Gilb. & Ryvarden complex (Basidiomycota) is revised. The study is based on extensive herbarium material chiefly from northwestern Europe and the type material of the taxa involved. The examination of the type of Polyporus hibernicus Berk. & Broome revealed that the name has been misapplied. The name belongs to a taxon, which often has pale yellow basidiocarps and was often erroneously called Physisporus flavicans P. Karst. or Poria johnstonii Murrill, and recently described as Oligoporus septentrionalis Vampola. The name O. parvus Renvall is proposed for the species that has erroneously been called as O. hibernicus in northwestern Europe. Four morphologically very similar species are recognized in the O. hibernicus complex in Europe: O. hibernicus sensu typi, O. perdelicatus (Murrill) Gilb. & Ryvarden, O. simanii (Pilát) Bernicchia, and the new species O. parvus, which is reported from Finland, Norway and Sweden. O. perdelicatus has been collected from seven localities in eastern Finland and is here reported as new to Europe. The species are described and discussed in detail.