The division of the genus Lepista

Authors: Harmaja, Harri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 18 (1978), Issue 2, pages 49-54.
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Abstract:  The genus Lepista (Fr.) W.G. Smith sensu Harmaja (Agaricales) is divided into two subgenera and seven sections. The subgenera are distinguished by the degree of spore wall cyanophily and different ability of the mycelium to produce nitrite in culture. A short note is given on the responses of spores and basidia of Lepista to cotton blue and acetocarmine. Weakly carminophilic basidial granules are reported in some Lepista-like fungi for the first time.
Agaricus svaveolens Fr. is considered a nomen dubium et confusum. One new species, Lepista albofragrans Harmaja, is described. The following five new sections are described: Lepista subg. Lepista sect. Gilva Harmaja, L. subg. Lepista sect. Nuda Harmaja, L. subg. Pseudolyophyllum sect. Fragrans Harmaja, L. subg. Pseudolyophyllum sect. Phyllophila Harmaja, and L. subg. Pseudolyophyllum sect. Metachroa Harmaja. The following two new infrageneric combinations are also made: Lepista subg. Pseudolyophyllum (Sing.) Harmaja, and L. subg. Lepista sect. Disciformes (Fr.) Harmaja.