The genera Typhula and Pistillaria (Typhulaceae, Aphyllophorales) in Finland. A check-list of the species

Authors: Shiryaev, Anton & Kotiranta, Heikki
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 47 (2007), Issue 2, pages 49-54.
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Key words: Distribution, Finland, Pistillaria, Typhula

Abstract: Twenty one Typhula (Pers.) Fr. species and one Pistillaria Fr. species are reported from Finland. Five species are new for the country, viz. Typhula capitata (Pat.) Berthier, T. culmigena (Mont. & Fr.) J. Schröt., T. hyalina (Quél.) Berthier, T. spathulata (Peck) Berthier, and T. struthiopteridis Corner. Most of the species are common. The localities, habitats, substrates and short ecological notes for the new species are given.