The genus Ceriporia Donk (Polyporaceae, Basidiomycota) in the Patagonian Andes forests of Argentina

Authors: Rajchenberg, Mario
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 40 (2000), Issue 1-2, pages 143-146.
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Key words: Ceriporia, Nothofagus, polypores, taxonomy

Abstract:  The species of the polypore genus Ceriporia found in the Nothofagus dominated forests of southern Argentina are recorded. Ceriporia retamoana Rajchenb. is described as new; it is characterised by light duckling yellow basidiomes, and cylindric and narrow basidiospores. Other species are C. purpurea, C. reticulata and C. viridans. Specimens of C. reticulata are cream when fresh, but display a variety of hymenial colours upon drying that vary from light pink to dark orange, and tum pink to vinaceous with 5% KOH solution.