Three new ascomycetes on epiphyllous liverworts

Authors: Döbbeler, Peter
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 56 (2016), Issue 1-2, pages 47-54.
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Key words: biotrophic parasites, hepaticolous, hyperepiphyllous, phyllosphere, Bryothele, Epibryon

Abstract:  The leaves of vascular plants in tropical rainforests are often covered by liverworts that form the substrate for many highly-adapted parasitic ascomycetes. Whilst looking for these fungi three new species were discovered. Bryothele biporosa has porous ascospores and develops on and between the leaves of Radula flaccida in tropical America. Bryothele was hitherto known only from B. mira on the same host species in tropical Africa. Epibryon platycarpum forms tiny semiglobose ascomata on the dorsal leaf surfaces of Radula sp. in Cameroon. Epibryon semitectum has ascomata partly protected by the leaf margins. It infects Cyclolejeunea peruviana in Costa Rica. Like most hyperepiphyllous ascomycetes, these new species are biotrophic parasites.