Tremelloid, aphyllophoroid and pleurotoid Basidiomycetes of Veps Plateau (Northwest Russia)

Authors: Zmitrovich, Ivan V.
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 43 (2003), Issue 1, pages 13-36.
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Key words: aphyllophoroid fungi, Basidiomycetes, Northwest Russsia, pleurotoid fungi, tremelloid fungi, Veps Forest Reserve, Veps Plateau

Abstract: The work summarizes our present-day knowledge on the aphyllophoroid, tremelloid and pleurotoid Basidiomycetes of Veps Plateau (Northwest Russia, eastern Leningrad Region). Earlier data carried out by the author as well as Finnish polyporologists are presented. Some new unpublished data are adduced, too. In total, 355 species are cited for the Veps Plateau; 19 of them are new to the area. Three species – Gloiothele lactescens (Berk.) Hjortstam, Hyphodontia efibulata J. Erikss. & Hjortstam, Crepidotus versutus (Peck) Sacc. – are new to Russia. Some rare and interesting species are described or discussed. The check-list contains information on localities, substrates and ecological preferences of the species; some herbarium vouchers (LE) are cited. A new combination is proposed asAntrodiella lenis (P. Karst.) Zmitrovich comb. nova (Physisporinus lenis P. Karst.).