Two new species of agarics from northern Fennoscandia: Clitocybe montana and Lactarius lapponicus

Authors: Harmaja, Harri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 15 (1976), pages 19-22.
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Abstract:  Clitocybe montana Harmaja (Agaricales) is known from subalpine grass-herb birch forest on calcareous soil in northern Norway. It is probably most closely related to C. lapponica Harmaja, from which it differs through the glabrous pileus surface, stronger odour, and different spores and basidia. Lactarius lapponicus Harmaja (Russulales) is not uncommon in grass-herb forests in northern Fennoscandia. It resembles L. mitissimus (Fr.) Fr. most, but is easily separated from that species by the rapidly and strongly yellowing milk and thicker pilocystidia.