Type studies in Clitocybe. 2.

Authors: Harmaja, Harri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 15 (1976), pages 16-18.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.1976.107
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Abstract:  The holotypes of seven taxa, described under the generic name Clitocybe (Fr.) Staude (Agaricales) or considered as belonging to that genus, are scrutinized. All but one turned out to be referable to genera other than Clitocybe. Four of them are considered to be synonymous with other species of those genera while two are found valid. For the lastnamed species the following new combinations are therefore made: Calocybe aromatica (Murr.) Harmaja and Lyophyllum subnitens (Bigelow) Harmaja. In addition, the new combination Clitocybe dryadicola (Favre) Harmaja is made. Moreover, to the contrary of the author’s previous opinion, Agaricus clitocyboides Cooke & Massee is considered distinct from Singerella (Clitocybe) hydrogramma (Fr.) Harmaja and the resulting new combination is made: Singerella clitocyboides (Cooke & Massee) Harmaja. Notes on Pseudoclitocybe (Clitocybe) atra (Vel.) Harmaja are also presented. In addition, the carminophilic (siderophilic) granules, or vesicles connected with the endoplasmatic reticulum, of the basidia of Lyophyllum have been observed to be cyanophilic, too, a response not reported before.