Über das Genus Inocybe in Finland. Die neuen Arten I. mytiliodora und I. urceolicystis

Authors: Stangl, Johann & Vauras, Jukka
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 27 (1987), Issue 1, pages 15-21.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.1987.249
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Abstract:  Two new species, Inocybe mytiliodora Stangl & Vauras and Inocybe urceolicystis Stangl & Vauras, are described from Finland. Both are smooth-spored and have metuloid cystidia. I. mytiliodora is characterized by a smell reminiscent that of Mytilus, and short, broad and thin-walled hymenium cystidia. The stipe of this species is not pruinose. The best differentiating character of I. urceolicystis is found in the microscopy: the cystidia are nearly unique to the smooth-spored species in the genus in being rounded basally. That species has pruinose stipe apex and spermatic smell.
Both rare species are described and discussed, and the descriptions are completed with photographs, and habitus and microscopical drawings. Inocybe appendiculata Kühner and I. nematoloma Joss. are reported as new to Finland.