Zwei neue Arten Inocybe aus dem Ostsee-Raum

Authors: Stangl, Johann & Glowinki, Horst
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 21 (1981), Issue 1, pages 26-30.
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Abstract:  The new smooth-spored species Inocybe hygrophana Glowinski & Stangl and I. pseudoreducta Stangl & Glowinski are described from the Feredal Republic of Germany. I. hygrophana: Small. When moist, cap sepia brown with a violet marginal zone, gills distinctly light violet, and stipe light bluish violet and pruinose above when young. When dry, cap ochraceous-ferruginous, gills brownish, and stipe bulbillous and brownish. I. pseudoreducta: Medium-sized, cap deep brown with a reddish tint, gills citrine at an early stage, light brown when mature. Stipe marginate-bulbous, totally pruinose, faintly ochraceous to reddish.