Sclerotinia pirolae: sclerotial ntogeny and occurence in Finland

Authors: Pyykkö, Maire & Hämet-Ahti, Leena
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 20 (1980), Issue 1, pages 28-32.
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Abstract:  Sclerotinia pirolae Grosse (Ascomycetes: Helotiales), an ovaricolous, sclerotiaforming fungus, is reported as new to Finland on Pyrola chlorantha Swartz, P. media Swartz, P. minor L., P. minor x norvegica, P. minor x rotundifolia, P. norvegica
Knaben and P. rotundifolia L. It has also been found on P. minor x norvegica and P. norvegica from the adjacent Soviet Karelia. No ascocarps were discovered, but its sclerotial morphology suggests that the species probably belongs to the genus Monilinia Honey. The sclerotial stroma includes suscept tissues of the host and is of the hollowspheroid type characteristic of Monilinia. The sclerotial ontogeny of the species is described and illustrated.