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Polyporaceae and Corticiaceae of an isolated forest of Abies nephrolepis in Kamchatka, Russian Far East

Authors: Kotiranta, Heikki & Mukhin, Viktor
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 38 (1998), Issue 2, pages 69-80.
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Key words: Aphyllophorales, Basidiomycetes, Abies nephrolepsis, Kamchatka, dispersal ability, Steccherinum mukhinii

Abstract:  The Aphylloporales of an isolated Abies nephrolepis forest in Kamchatka were studied in the autumn of 1997. In this study 37 species were found. Their microscopical features are briefly discussed and some measurements are given. The number of species is relatively low. Several species usually common on Abies were absent, and our conclusionis that the forest is not native but of anthropogenic origin. The low number of species is explained by the relatively short history of the forest and the poor longdistance dispersal ability of the wood-inhabiting species. The new species Steccherinum mukhinii Kotiranta & Y.C. Dai is described.

Tanzanian mushrooms and their uses 6. Lactarius

Authors: Karhula, Päivi & Härkönen, Marja & Saarimäki, Tiina
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 38 (1998), Issue 2, pages 49-68.
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Key words: Africa, Agaricales, Lactarius, Tanzania, taxonomy

Seventy-two specimens of Lactarius were collected in Tanzania between 1990-1995. The material contained 27 species of which 15 had not been described. Two of these, Lactarius denigricans Verbeken & Karhula and L. densifolius Verbeken & Karhula have been described since then and three more species, L. xerampelinus Karhula & Verbeken, L. tanzanicus Karhula & Verbeken and L. volemoides Karhula are described here. In addition, all the identified species of Lactarius in Tanzania are listed and annotated. Many Lactarius species are considered edible in Tanzania although there are a range of opinions among the different tribes some of which are contradictory.


Boletellus ripariellus, a hitherto misidentified species in Finland

Authors: Harmaja, Harri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 38 (1998), Issue 2, pages 45-48.
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Key words: Boletellus, Finland, taxonomy, Xerocomus

Abstract:  Boletellus ripariellus (Redeuilh) Redeuilh is reported to be the correct name for the small red bolete which has been called Xerocomus rubellus (Krombh.) Quél. in Finland. It is uncertain whether the true X. rubellus occurs in the country.

Scleroderma septentrionale, a new gasteromycete from North-European sand dunes

Authors: Jeppson, Mikael
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 38 (1998), Issue 2, pages 37-43.
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Key words: Scleroderma septentrionale, Gasteromycetes, North Europe, taxonomy

Abstract:  A new species of the Sclerodermatales (Basidiomycota), Scleroderma septentrionale Jeppson, is described from sand dunes and sandy heaths in northern Europe. A table showing diagnostic characters in European species of Scleroderma sect. Scleroderma is presented.

Some myxomycetes from Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) developed in moist chamber cultures

Authors: Ukkola, Tarja
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 38 (1998), Issue 1, pages 27-36.
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Key words: Africa, Dar es Salaam, moist chamber culture, Myxomycetes, Tanzania

Abstract:  Nineteen species of myxomycetes are reported from Dares Salaam, Oyster Bay. The following taxa are new to Tanzania: Licea kleistobolus G. W. Martin, Physarum echinosporum Lister, P. oblatum T. Macbr., and P. spumarioides T. N. Lakh. & Mukerji var. degawae Nann.-Bremek. & Y. Yamam., the latter taxon being reported from Africa for the first time. A species of Licea is described with illustrations, but not named, as the material existing is fairly scanty. A total of 27 specimens of seven genera are presented, all developed in moist chamber cultures on bark from living trees or on plant remains.

Genus Octospora (Pezizales) in Estonia and Finland

Authors: Jakobson, Aivo & Kullman, Bellis & Huhtinen, Seppo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 38 (1998), Issue 1, pages 1-25.
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Key words: Ascomycetes, Pezizales, Octospora, Lamprospora, taxonomy, morphology, fungal anatomy, new records, vital taxonomy

Abstract:  15 species of the genus Octospora have been found in Estonia and Finland. In Estonia 8 species have been found, of which 4 are new to Estonia: Octospora axillaris (Nees: Pers.) M.M. Moser, O. crosslandii (Dennis & Itzerott) Benkert, O. rustica (Velen.) J. Moravec, O. wrightii (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) J. Moravec, and 4 species recorded earlier, viz. O. carbonicola (Boud.) Yei-Zeng Wang, O. humosa (Fr.: Fr.) Dennis, O. leucoloma Hedw.: Gray and O. tetraspora (Fuckel) Korf. In Finland 11 species have been discovered. In addition to the earlier recorded O. seaveri (Benkert) Yei-Zeng Wang and O.maireana (Seaver) Yei-Zeng Wang, the following species have been found: O. alpestris (Sommerf.) Dennis & Itzerott, O. borealis (Eckblad) Caillet & Moyne, O. humosa (Fr. :Fr.) Dennis, O. leucoloma Hedw. : Gray, O. melina (Velen.) Dennis & Itzerott, O. miniata (De Not.) Caillet & Moyne, O. rubens (Boud.) M.M. Moser, O. rustica (Velen.) J. Moravec and O. wrightii (Berk. & M. A. Curtis) J. Moravec.