Additions and corrections to the Finnish flora of Myxomycetes

Authors: Härkönen, Marja
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 19 (1979), Issue 1, pages 1-7.
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Abstract: Finnish records are given for 22 species of Myxomycetes. The following 17 are new to Finland: Badhamia lilacina (Fr.) Rost., Comatricha alta Preuss, Cribraria rufa (Roth) Rost., Diderma effusum (Schw.) Morgan, D. montanum (Meyl.) Meyl., D. niveum (Rost.) Macbr., Didymium anellus Morgan, Enteridium splendens (Morgan) Macbr. var. juranum (Meyl.) Härkönen, Fuligo cinerea (Schw.) Morgan, Lamproderma maculatum Kow., L. sauteri Rost., L. scintillans (Berk. & Br.) Morgan, Physarum lateritium (Berk. & Rav.) Morgan, Stemonitis herbatica Peck, S. virginiensis Rex, Stemonitopsis dictyospora (Celak.) Nann.-Brem., Symphytocarpus amaurochaetoides Nann.-Brem. The following five have not been reported earlier from Fennoscandia: Comatricha alta, Lamproderma maculatum, Physarum lateritium, Stemonitis virginiensis, Stemonitopsis dictyospora.
Didymium abducens Karst. is shown to be an earlier name for D. fulvum Sturgis. Enteridium splendens (Morgan) Macbr. var. juranum (Meyl.) Härkönen n. comb. is introduced as a valid name for Reticularia jurana Meyl. The report of the occurrence of Comatricha irregularis Rex in Finland is shown to have been based on a wrong determination.