Cortinarius sordidemaculatus and two new related species, C. anisatus and C. neofurvolaesus, in Fennoscandia (Basidiomycota, Agaricales)

Authors: Kytövuori, Ilkka & Niskanen, Tuula & Liimatainen, Kare & Lindström, Håkan
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 45 (2005), Issue 1, pages 33-49.
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Key words: Cortinarius, Telamonia, Sordescentes, Fennoscandia, taxonomy, ITS, DNA, POY

Abstract: Two new species growing in the coniferous forests of Fennoscandia and related to Cortinarius sordidemaculatus Rob. Henry are described based on morphological and DNA data: C. neofurvolaesus Kytöv., Niskanen, Liimatainen & H. Lindstr., spec. nova and C. anisatus H. Lindstr., Kytöv. & Niskanen, spec. nova. C. furvolaesus H. Lindstr. is synonymized with C. sordidemaculatus. The distribution of each species in Fennoscandia is mapped, and their taxonomy, ecology, and relationships are discussed. These three species are preliminary placed in the section Sordescentes Melot.