Entoloma graphitipes: a species new to Northern Europe

Authors: Weholt, Øyvind & Eidissen, Siw Elin & Lorås, Jostein & Alvarado, Pablo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 55 (2015), Issue 1-2, pages 19-24.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.2015.466
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Key words: Agaricales, Holmvassdalen Nature Reserve, Norway, ITS

Abstract: Entoloma graphitipes var. graphitipes is here reported from one location in Holmvassdalen Nature Reserve in the county Nordland, Norway. The species was first found in Germany in 1982, and then five times in Spain. So far Holmvassdalen is the only location in Northern Europe where it has been reported. Comparison of ITS sequences from the Norwegian material and the holotype of E. graphitipes f. cystidiatum support the morphological identification. Details of macro- and microscopical features as well as ecology are presented.