Finnish records of discomycetes: Pseudorhizina sphaerospora and Poulum sydowianum

Authors: Huhtinen, Seppo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 23 (1983), Issue 1, pages 10-12.
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Abstract:  Pseudorhizina sphaerospora (Peck) Pouz. and Poculum sydowianum (Rehm) Dumont are reported for the first time from Finland, each from two localities. Their descriptions are amended. New information is provided on the hyphal characters and the spore structure of P. sphaerospora. Further, the red in the stipe base is reported to be strongly fluorescent in UV light. Details are given of the excipular structure of Poculum sydowianum, e.g. the encrustation of the hyphae in the outermost layer, and new features are presented of the ecology. The article is illustrated with a photograph of the former species and microscopic drawings of the latter.