Hydnellum gracilipes: a link between stipitate and resupinate Hymenomycetes

Authors: Kõljalg, Urmas & Renvall, Pertti
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 40 (2000), Issue 1-2, pages 71-77.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.2000.355
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Key words: charred wood, forest fire, fruit body evolution, Hydnellum, molecular phylogeny, mycorrhiza, Thelephorales

Abstract:  Taxonomy and phylogeny of Hydnellum gracilipes (P. Karst.) P. Karst. (Thelephorales, Hymenomycetes) was revised. The species is characterized by soft and resupinate sporocarps, and the morphology supports a close relationship with tomentelloid fungi. The phylogenetic interpretation of the sequence data from the 5′ end of nuclear large subunit (nucLSU) rDNA showed, however, that the closest relatives of H. gracilipes are found in the genus Hydnellum P. Karst. The evolution of the resupinate fruitbody is outlined. The ecology of the species is discussed and it is proposed that H. gracilipes is a mycorrhizal fungus. Six new localities are listed.