Novelties in Russula: R. olivobrunnea, R. intermedia and R. groenlandica

Authors: Ruotsalainen, Juhani & Vauras, Jukka
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 34 (1994), Issue 1, pages 21-34.
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Key words: Agaricales, Basidiomycetes, Fennoscandia, Picea abies, Russula claroflava, R. fusconigra, R. groenlandica, R. intermedia, R. lundellii, R. olivobrunnea, taxonomy

Abstract: Russula olivobrunnea Ruots. & Vauras is described as a new species, known from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Austria. Its distribution in Fennoscandia is mapped, and its ecology and relationships are discussed. It is a boreal species growing with Picea abies in moist herb-rich forests. A neotype is selected for R. intermedia P. Karst., which is an older, legitimate name for the well-known species R. lundellii Singer. The distribution of R. intermedia in Finland is mapped. The new name R. groenlandica Ruots. & Vauras is proposed for R. claroflava var. viridis Knudsen & T. Borgen. The importance of examining pileipellis characteristics with the reagent fuchsin is emphasized, even those of the acrid yellow-spored Russula species.