Studies on the Pezizales

Authors: Harmaja, Harri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 26 (1986), Issue 2, pages 41-48.
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Abstract:  The following new species of the Pezizales (Ascomycetes) are described: Gyromitra accumbens Harmaja (type from Switzerland), Gyromitra columbiana Harmaja (type from British Columbia), Gyromitra mcknighlii Harmaja (type from Yugoslavia), Leucoscypha ovilloides Harmaja (type from Finland), Peziza alcidis Harmaja (type from Finland}, Peziza kallioi Harmaja (type from Finland}, Peziza lohjaensis Harmaja (type from Finland), Peziza perparva Harmaja (type from Finland), Pseudombrophila maekinenii Harmaja (type from Finland), and Pseudombrophila obliquerimosa Harmaja (type from Finland). The following new combinations are made: Gyromitra fluciuans (Nyl.) Harmaja, Gyromitra geogenius (Donad.) Harmaja, Gyromitra microspora (Donad. & Boz.) Harmaja, Gyromitra parvispora (Trigaux) Harmaja, Otidea integra (Bres.) Harmaja, and Otidea unicisa (Peck) Harmaja. The nomenclature and typification of some species of Gyromitra Fr. are clarified. Otidea (Pers.) Bon. is amended so as to include rough-spored species. Gyromitra warnei (Peck) Harmaja is reported as new to Finland and Otidea integra as new to Sweden.