Tanzanian Myxomycetes: first survey

Authors: Härkönen, Marja & Saarimäki, Tiina
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 31 (1991), Issue 2, pages 31-54.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.1991.284
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Key words: Africa, fungi, Myxomycetes, Tanzania, tropics

Abstract:  During the rainy seasons in May and December 1988 and in December 1989, Myxomycetes were collected in northeastern and southern Tanzania, with 53 species found. According to the literature, all are new to Tanzania, and the following seven are new to Africa: Didymiun bahiense Gottsb., Paradiachea cylindrica (Bilgram) Hertel, Physarum notabile Macbr., P. psittacinun Ditmar, P. superbun Hagelst., Tubifera bombarda (Berk. & Br.) Martin, and T. microsperma (Beck. & Curt.) Martin. A lectotype for Arcyria globosa Schw. is selected. Myxomycetes were more abundant in the montane forest belt than at other elevations, and no significant difference could be noticed in species composition between the two rainy seasons, May and December. Species belonging to the order Licheales were found only on decaying wood, and of the Physarales the majority of the specimens were found on litter.