The Gasteromycetes of the Åland Islands, SW Finland: an annotated checklist

Authors: Hæggström, Carl-Adam
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 37 (1997), Issue 1, pages 11-18.
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Key words: Åland Islands, checklist, Finland, Gasteromycetes

Abstract:  Both herbarium specimens and published data on the Gasteromycetes s.l. of the Åland Islands are treated. Altogether, 37 species have been reported which is a little more than half of the total species number of Finland. Seven species, namely Bovista nigrescens,B. plumbea, Calvatia excipuliformis, C. utriformis, Lycoperdon perlatum, L. pyriforme and Phallus impudicus seem to be common or fairly common in the Aland Islands. Eight species, viz. Geastrum elegans, G. floriforme, G. schmidelii, G. striatum, Langermannia gigantea, Lycoperdon echinatum, Melanogaster ambiguus and Tulostoma brumale are listed as threatened in Åland.