Inocybe caprimulgi and I. lacunarum, two new nodulose-spored species from Fennoscandia

Authors: Vauras, Jukka & Larsson, Ellen
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 55 (2015), Issue 1-2, pages 1-18.
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Key words: Inocybe, Agaricales, taxonomy, molecular systematics

Abstract:  Two nodulose-spored species, belonging to section Marginatae, are described from Fennoscandia. Inocybe caprimulgi grows on sandy soils from the hemiboreal zone to lowalpine zone. I. lacunarum appears often in moist depressions, in the hemiboreal and southern boreal zones. I. substellata is recorded for first time from Sweden, Norway and Finland, and I. krieglsteineri from Sweden.