A note on the claimed toxicity of Cortinarius gentilis

Authors: Hintikka, Eeva-Liisa & Korhonen, Mauri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 43 (2003), Issue 1, pages 9-12.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.2003.389
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Key words: Cortinarius gentilis, toxicity

Abstract: The toxicity of Cortinarius orellanusgroup of mushrooms became apparent in the 1950ies. C. gentilis was considered toxic in Finnish mycological publications. The opinion was primarily based on the study by Möttönen et al. (1975) and on a case study by Hulmi et al. (1975), which papers were then cited in later publications. When the specimens on which the first-named study was based were rechecked, it turned out that the original material used for the rat feeding test by Möttönen with his co-workers was not adequately documented. In order to examine the possible toxicity of Finnish C. gentilis mushrooms, the present authors studied 28 samples of this species. An unspecific cell culture toxicity test and a feeding test on mice revealed no toxicity in C. gentilis.