Amylolepiota, Clavicybe and Cystodermella, new genera of the Agaricales

Authors: Harmaja, Harri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 42 (2002), Issue 2, pages 39-48.
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Key words: amyloidity, arthospores, Clitocybe, Cystoderma, Finland, Floccularia, gill trama, hygrophanity, Lepiota, nuclear DNA content, Ripartitella, Squamanita

Abstract: Lepiota lignicola P.Karst., is referred to Amylolepiota Harmaja, n. gen., as Amylolepiota lignicola (P.Karst.) Harmaja, n. comb. Clitocybe clavipes (Pers. : Fr.) P.Kumm. (as the type) and two related species are separated from the externally very similar Clitocybe(Fr.) Staude to form a new genus, Clavicybe Harmaja. Clavicybe differs from Clitocybe: (i) the spore surface appears rough with a high magnification, the anatomy deviates as (ii) the hygrophanity of the fruit body is different and (iii) the gill trama is irregular. A key to the species is given. 3 new nomenclatural combinations inClavicybe are made: C. avellaneialba (Murrill) Harmaja, C. clavipes (Pers. : Fr.) Harmaja, and C. squamulosoides (P.D.Orton) Harmaja. A third new genus,Cystodermella Harmaja, is described for a group of species with inamyloid spores segregated from Cystoderma Fayod. 12 new nomenclatural combinations inCystodermella are made: C. adnatifolia (Peck) Harmaja, C. ambrosii (Bres.) Harmaja, C. cinnabarina (Alb. & Schwein. : Fr) Harmaja, ( C. contusifolia (Pegler) Harmaja, C. cristallifera (Thoen) Harmaja, C. elegans (Beeli) Harmaja, C. granulosa (Batsch : Fr.) Harmaja (type species of Cystodermella), C. japonica (Thoen & Hongo) Harmaja, C. luteohemisphaerica (Dennis) Harmaja, C. myriadocystis (Heinem. & Thoen) Harmaja,C. sipariana (Dennis) Harmaja, and C. subpurpurea (A.H.Sm. & Singer) Harmaja. Special attention was paid to correct nomenclature and author citations.