Aseptic culture of slowly growing mycorrhical Russula and Cortinarius species

Authors: Hintikka, Veikko & Niemi, Karoliina
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 39 (1999), Issue 2, pages 39-41.
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Key words: aseptic culture, Cortinarius, growth rate, Russula

Abstract:  Aseptic cultures of several Cortinarius and Russula species were obtained by transferring first a piece of the context of the sporocarp aseptically on malt extract agar, and after 2-4 weeks, if not contaminated with bacteria or molds, into liquid MMN medium. It took several months before mycelia slowly started to grow in the solution. When cultivated on MMN- agar media, most species grew only few millimetre/month, remarkably less than many other ectomycorrhizal species tested. Fungal species reacted very specifically to different sources. The slow growth rate of Russula and Cortinarius species may be related to specific requirements (nutrients and/or vitamins) not yet known. Possible role of hidden infection of bacteria is also discussed.