Contribution to the knowledge of tomentelloid fungi in the Iberian Peninsula. II.

Authors: Melo, Ireneia & Salcedo, Isabel & Tellería, Teresa Maria
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 40 (2000), Issue 1-2, pages 93-101.
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Key words: chorology, Iberian Penisula, Tomentella

Abstract:  Descriptions and original iconography are given for the following tomentelloid basidiomycetes from the Iberian Peninsula: Tomentella badia, T. cinereoumbrina, T. fuscocinerea, T. bresadolae, T. bryophila, T. brevispina, T. neobourdotii, T. ramosissima and T. stuposa. Their distribution in the area is reviewed. T. brevispina is a new record to the Iberian Peninsula. T. badia, T. fuscocinerea, T. bryophila and T. neobourdotii are new to Portugal.