New and interesting clavarioid fungi from the hemiboreal zone of Finland

Authors: Shiryaev, Anton
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 48 (2008), Issue 1, pages 29-32.
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Key words: Distribution, Finland, hemiboreal, Typhula

Abstract: During a work in the provinces Åland (Alandia, Ahvenanmaa) and Varsinais-Suomi 24 species of clavarioid fungi (Basidiomycota) were collected, including the rare Multiclavula mucida, Ramaria fennica, Ramariopsis crocea, Typhula capitata, T. olivascens and T. spathulata. New to Finland are Typhula abietina and T. sphaeroidea. Most of the species are widely distributed in the hemiboreal zone in Europe. The localities, habitats, substrates and short ecological notes for the new and some rare species are given.