Some graminicolours species of Helminthosporium in Finland

Authors: Mäkelä, Kaiho
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 12 (1971), pages 5-35.
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Abstract:  “This paper is pam of a larger study of the fungi causing leaf-spot diseases which affect the grasses on leys in Finland. The material examined consisted of grasses growing on cultivated grassland or the borders of fields. The fresh materiad (c. 3770 samples) was collected at Viik and the Muddusniemi Experiment Farm of Helsinki University, at Experiment Stations of the Agricultural Research Centre, the Plant Breeding Institute of Hankkija and in other Localities in sounthern Finland. In addition seeds of grasses (c. 160 lots) chiefly from the State Seed Testing Station (SSTS) and from the material (c. 40 lots) of the late Prof. Otto Valle’s experiments were investigated. The last mentioned lots of the Finnish seeds (Tammisto) were produced in the USA. This study is moreover based on artificial culture and inoculation tests.
The genus Helminthosporium Link has been found to be well-represented in Finland on various grasses. Descriptions of disease symptoms, morphological chracters and general significance are given for the following species. Helminthosporium dictyoides Drechs. f. sp. dictyoides Braverman & Graham, H. dictyoides Drechs. f. sp. perenne Braverman & Graham, H. phlei (Graham) Scharif, H. siccans Drechs., H. vagans Drechs., H. tritici-repentis (Died.) Diediake, H. sativum Pammell, King & Bakke, H. biforme Mason & Hughes, H. triseptatum Drechs., as well as Drechslera dactylidis Shoemalker. The most important and widespread species are H. phlei on Phleum pratense L., H. dictyoides f. sp. dictyoides on Festuca pratensis Huds., H. dictyoides f. sp. perenne and H. siccans on Lolium multiflorum Lam. and L. perenne L. as well as H. vapans on Poa pratensis L. H. tritici-repentis is at least locally common on Agropyron repens (L.) PB., whereas H. sativum, H. biforme and H. triseptatum were found only accidentally.”