Venturia ribis: a new species of ascomycete

Authors: Sivanesan, A
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 25 (1985), Issue 2, pages 50-52.
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Abstract:  Venturia ribis Sivanesan, sp.nov. on Ribes alpinum L. from Finland is described and illustrated. No species of Venturia has been reported on Ribes so far. It is closely allied to the Venturia species in which the ascospores a re septate just above the middle. V. aesculi (H. Sydow) Sivan., V. corni E. Müller, V. frangulae Krieger and V. pruni Barr have similarly septate ascospores whose size also lie within close range of that of V. ribis. The differences between these species and that of V. ribis are given.